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Awesome Responsive HAPTER IX.

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    victim. For all these monasteries sacrificed, one person must be immolated: one only, but taken from the most illustrious station. The king having, on th

    ffolds of
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    e one side, struck his tutor and his friend, must now, to maintain the balance, strike his wife on the other. A tragedy was about to begin which would ter

    Fisher and
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    minate in a frightful catastrophe. Anne Boleyn had not been brought up, as some have said, 'in the worst school in Europe,'[263] but in one of the best—i

    More had
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    n the household of the pious Margaret of Angoulême, who was the enlightened protectress not only of the learned, but of all friends of the Gosp

    read them a great lesson o
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    el. Anne had learnt from that princess to love the Reformation and the Reformers. And accordingly she was in the eyes of the papal partisans, th

    f docility, and moulded al
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    e principal cause of the change that had been wrought in the king's mind, and by him throughout the kingdom. The Reformation, as we have seen, b

    l those around Henry to
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    egan in England about 1517 with the reading of the Holy {120} Scriptures in the universities; but the most accredited Roman doctors have pref

    {119} that servile spirit


erred assigning it another origin, and, speaking of Cranmer's connexion with Anne Boleyn, thirteen y

which leaves in t

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ears later, have said, 'Such is the beginning of the Reformation in England.'[264] In this assertion

he palace of a kin
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    there is an error both of chronology and history. =CRANMER'S ELOQUENCE.= Si

    g nothing
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    nce her coronation, the queen had been in almost daily communication with the

    but a mast
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    archbishop of Canterbury, and habitually—even her enemies affirmed it—the in

    er and sla
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    terests of the evangelical cause were treated of. At one time Anne prayed Cran

    ves. They
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    mer to come to the assistance of the persecuted protestants. At another, full

    were abou
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    of the necessity of sending reapers into the harvest, she interested herself a

    t to see a

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